Thursday, February 03, 2005

New members for MCMD Cable committee/commission

  1. Montomery County is looking for 2 people to serve on the Cable Compliance Commission. The CCC adjudicates ccomplaints regarding all cable services including both TV and HSI. The CC will have jurisdiction over Verizon's similar services in the future.

  2. The County Executive has nominated 4 new members for the CCAC, an advisory committee for advising the county on telecomm-related matters. The new members are to be confirmed by the Council on 2/15/05. They are:
    • Grant Moy (Bethesda) - Litigation Attorney, Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia

    • Franz Hespenheide (Gaithersburg) - Unemployed, self-described video addict

    • James Berard (Germantown) - Communications Director for the DNC Transportation Committee

    • Jay Boyar (Silver Spring) - Dean of College Life Services, Prince George's Community College
The story would not be complete without noting that the Exec chose not to renominate me for another term. 4 other members also resigned from the committee including 1 before the end of her term. The Executive opted not to fill the remaining 5 seats on the committee. So the committee now has 14 people. Given the rate at which people drop off and the requirement for a minimum of 13 members (19 maximum), I expect there will be another call for members this summer.

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