Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cable Communications Advisory Committee Appointments

The County Executive has made the following appointments to the Montgomery County CCAC (Cable Communications Advisory Committee).
  • Yen-Ju Chen (re-appointment)
  • Elizabeth Irons (re-appointment)
  • Trish Evans
  • David Friedman
  • Joy Ragsdale
  • Jim Schleckser
  • Suzanne Weiss
These appointments are subject to approval by the council, tentatively scheduled for December 13, 2005.


Anonymous said...

I looked online, but didn't find any info....Do people serving recieve any sort of stipend or salary (other than the bribes from Comcast)?

Don Libes said...

There is a small amount available for babysitting. That's it! Meals, gas, time, etc., is not reimbursed but comes out of members' pockets. (No, you don't even get free cable.)