Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Upcoming Advisory Committee Meeting

In this blog, I often refer to Montgomery County's "cable advisory committee" - the committee of citizens appointed by the Executive to provide advice to the Executive and the Council. For years the full name was actually Cable Communications Advisory Committee although that was a bit misleading because the CCAC advised on more than cable issues.

Last year, a government report recommended changing the name to reflect its broader scope. No one was particularly happy with this new name but no one on the CCAC or in the Cable Office realized that the Council approved the recommendations wholesale - until it was too late. Thus, CCAC became TAC (Telecommunications Advisory Committee) last month.

The TAC immediately set about trying to change the name back - or at least the acronym. Which is what will happen. The Council will approve a name change to "Cable and Communications Advisory Committee" - note the addition of the "and" which satisfies the desire for a name with a broader scope AND lets the committee continue using the old CCAC acronym.

Your tax dollars at work.

Upcoming Meeting

This Wednesday (Feb 15 '06), there will be a meeting of the CCAC/TAC/CCAC at 7pm. The meeting will be at 100 Maryland Av. 3rd floor (Council Conference Room), Rockville, MD, 20850. (In case you're not clear where Rockville is, look for the only place in the entire county without fiber to any homes.)

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