Friday, March 16, 2012

Got Opinion?

In my previous post, I described how the county was looking for input to the Comcast franchise renewal. I explained why you should be interested even if you are not a Comcast subscriber.

If this whets your appetite for more, consider serving on Montgomery County's Cable and Comunications Advisory Committee. The CCAC meets once a month to hear and discuss issues of relevance to the franchises, PEGs, the cable office, and other telecommunication related topics. The committee gets an opportunity to meet with the Executive and the Council on occasion to provide advice and insights.

It's a volunteer position but if you feel strongly about improving telecommunications in Montgomery County, it may be a good opportunity for you. The county has a web page on the CCAC which provides a bit more information. And I've written about my own service on the CCAC many times - you'll likely find this more revealing as I pull no punches. (I found my time on the CCAC to be valuable but it had its frustrations as well.) Please volunteer - both for the CCAC and to give input on the Comcast franchise renewal. Thanks!

[Followup added 3/23/2012] Deadline for applications is 4/6/2012. Here is a link to the county's original vacancy announcement.

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