Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Free Movie

Two weeks ago, I offered readers a free On Demand Movie from Comcast. I just received another (thanks Comcast!) so it's time to do it all again. Simply post your location on the this blog's frappr map and you're eligible. (If you are already on the map, don't do anything - you're already entered.) I will select the winner based on the number of minutes that Comcast has me on hold next time my service goes down and I call to complain.

PS: To everyone who no longer has Comcast service or doesn't have a Comcast set-top box and therefore cannot make use of the free movie, don't worry - I have the next prize ready (also graciously contributed by Comcast - can you guess what it is? And what do you think their promotional budget is anyway?) and it can be used by anyone - even if you're a Verizon customer!

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