Thursday, January 12, 2006

Win an On Demand Movie

Since my Frappr map of blog readers is so new and looking so naked, I figured I'd offer an incentive for readers to add themselves: a coupon for a free On Demand movie from Comcast!

To enter the drawing, find the Frappr link in the right-hand column (look toward the bottom) of this blog, click on it, and add yourself! In one week, I will pick out the Nth person on the Frappr list where N is the number of billing complaints received last month by the MC Cable Office (modulo the number of people on the map). If this is too confusing, just assume I'm using a Ouija board.

If you've already added yourself, you're in the drawing already!

Note, the coupon is only good for Comcast of Montgomery County so you're welcome to add yourself to the Frappr but only subscribers to Comcast of Montgomery County can win the coupon.

And yes, a free movie is a rather miserly freebie but on the other hand I'll mail it to you (or hand deliver it if you live close enough), no charge.

PS: If you win, I will have to ask your mailing address - and it better be close to where you plant yourself on the map. In the interest of privacy, it doesn't have to be exact and you don't even have to give your real name - but I don't want people adding themselves multiple times in an attempt to artificially increase their odds of winning. If there are multiple people very close together, I will treat them as one person in the initial selection. Then I will chose from among that group using the same algorithm as before except based on the number of internet complaints in the last month.

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Anonymous said...

What about those of us who ditched comcast?