Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Advisory Committee Meeting

JT, a Rockville citizen, took up my request to attend the April 19 '06 advisory committee meeting . She took notes and made them available at dslreports.com. Thank you JT!

Bottom line: Montgomery County and Verizon continue to have discussions but there have been no breakthroughs nor is there any predicted timeline.

I keep hearing people talk about a timeline. The only timeline I know about is that it takes about 3 months to sign a franchise from application to approval at best and here in Montgomery County it has historically averaged 6 months.


JTRockville said...

I heard a radio commercial for Verizon's "triple play" (phone + internet + tv) yesterday. Verizon made no mention of their own television offering. Instead, they paired up with DirecTV.

Is that a bad sign?

Anonymous said...

I just got a Verizon flyer in my mailbox yesterday but it was only advertising their internet + phone service. No mention of TV whatsoever.

Either way (DirecTV or nothing), this is a sad picture.