Monday, April 17, 2006

Upcoming Meetings

This Wednesday (April 19 '06), there will be a meeting of the county's advisory committee - the committee of citizens appointed by the Executive to provide advice to the Executive and the Council.

I will not be able to attend so I'm looking for someone to attend and take notes. Specifically, I'd like to hear any status reports from the Cable Office representative - not just regarding FIOS but anything else she might say.

The meeting will be in Rockville at the County Council Building (100 Maryland Avenue) and is scheduled for Room 114. (If no one's there, try Room 225 or the cafeteria, which is where they sometimes move to without much notice.)

In case you're not clear where Rockville is, look for the only place in the entire county without fiber to any homes.

Related Meetings

If you'd like to blow your entire Wednesday, here are two other related meetings:

The Telecommunications Transmission Facility Coordinating Group (aka the "Tower Committee") will be meeting earlier in the day at 2pm in Room 225. The Tower committee approves placements of towers and other telecommunications infrastructure.

The Cable Compliance Commission (CCC) will be meeting - also the same day and same building - in Room 114 at 4pm. The Commission hears complaints from cable customers who remain unsatisfied 30 days after having complained to the Cable Office.

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Bobh is unable to take off from work. Sorry.