Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cable Compliance Commission Wants You

Montgomery County, Maryland is looking for volunteers to serve on its Cable Compliance Commission. The Commission is different from the cable advisory committee (CCAC) that I frequently mention in this blog. The Commission adjudicates complaints from citizens regarding cable services. The Commission has the power to issue fines of up to $1000.

If you're interested in applying, send a resume and cover letter (no later than January 27, 2006) to:
Executive Doug Duncan
101 Monroe St
Rockville MD 20850
Appointments are for 3 years and include no compensation other than the satisfaction of resolving consumer complaints.

If you merely want to bring a case before the commission, you must first file an official complaint with the county's cable office. (Use the complaint link toward the bottom of the right column of this blog. That's a reminder that the complaint link will always be in that location.) If the county is unable to resolve the complaint within 30 days, you can request an appearance before the commission.

PS: Try out my new Frappr map, too. Inspire me to keep blogging by letting me know you're out there!


Anonymous said...

Keep blogging, please! I only found this site a few weeks ago but I find the content soo interesting.

And did you really write expect? That is a seriously great hack.

Anonymous said...

I'm a neighbor, almost. I'm down River Rd inside the beltway. I found your blog looking for info on FIOS TV deployment in MC. I got FIOS a few months ago in anticpation of FIOS TV arriving, hoping to get rid of Comcast sooner, rather than later. Any news / updates will be eagerly snapped up here.

Thanks for blogging!